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May Gem

May made special with Emerald

Emerald & Diamond Accented Ring

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May's Gem

I travel to Brazil but I shall make a stop in Zambia.
The journey to find the finest of the finest the intensely intense of the colour intensity will I find in Colombia.
Perchance Australia, India or Pakistan may hold the one stone to quench my passion for the bewitching gem.
Russia beckons.
South Africa rivals the closer to home United States for a place on the jeweller's bench as she conjures the dream and designs for the stone ... I am wearable art ...
It whispers

Curious About Birthstones?

Read April's post.

Golden Roses

Our Mother's Day Special Suggestions

Say It with Flowers

Mother’s Day has long been synonymous with flowers, but why? You have heard said, "April showers bring May flowers." Mother's Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the love we feel every day of the year from our mothers. Perhaps in the past years, you may have felt embarrassment that the expensive bouquet of roses delivered to your mother was not fresh. The flowers faded too soon. Your mother, nevertheless, appreciated the gesture because she practices what she preaches. It's the thought that counts. You, on the other hand, are not willing to take that chance. This year you want the gift to be fade-proof and long lasting and your preference is still flowers.

Trust Howard Studios to deliver that thought in a poetic and lasting way. 

We suggest a variation on the tradition of giving fresh flowers. This year, on Sunday, May 14th, surprise your mother with one or more, beautiful, everlasting Lacquered Roses. Adorned with gold, rose gold, or platinum trim, these elegant and beautiful flower keepsakes always stay open and as fresh as the day they are given.

Order before Mother's Day and your order will be delivered Free to any destination in Canada.

When you purchase items from our Showcase over $250, we will ship to you Free within Canada!

April Diamonds


April Diamonds

April made special with Diamond.



Lustrous crystals

Calibrated, sorted, classified
Graded, guarded, controlled

Brilliant cut, table cut, rose cut, old cut
Select clarity, weight, colour
Enjoy proportion
Enjoy shape
Love fluorescence
Love finish
Boast intensity, purity
Boast uniformity of colour
Be it Cognac or Champagne
Pink, Black or Blue

A Diamond is the perfect stone for the Queen Month of Hope.

Swiss Blue Diamond Earrings


March made special with Aquamarine.



Manic March grips Winter
Grey fog
Thunderous clouds
Howling wind
Pelting rain
Agitated waters

Mild March invites Spring
Warm light
Serene sky
Pleasant breeze
Bright sun
Gentle currents

At times