Lucia’s Words

  • Opal

    White Opal Round Blue Sapphire Ring Ceylon Blue Sapphires October's Gem Opal I was asked recently: Are Opals precious? Later I was asked: Where, where are Opals? And in the in-between time, I was asked: Are Opals worth much? I answer: Oh, people, I know well that the Latin word for Opal is Opalus meaning […]

  • October

    October The October moon is brighter The sunLess soTransition month Prepares for winter’s cold within the cozy hearthPeaceSerenity BeautyCome, it whispers, Step into the pinks of morning sun and the reds of evening lightTouch the wet browns of the meadow grassListen to the sound of the ochre and the umber of the leaf as it […]

  • Octagon Faceted Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire Ring Ceylon Blue Sapphires Sapphire September's Gem Be aware that the sapphire is rich in colour, regal in personality, refractive in its facets, brilliant in its attraction Be aware that the sapphire is a member of the big four gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires Be aware that the sapphire […]

  • Four Butterflies Take an ordinary Tuesday, place it in September, make it follow the Labour Day Monday and suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Today, the Four Butterflies: Eagerness, Anxiety, Novelty and Excitement, debut in both seasoned and novice Scholars. They, the Four Butterflies, flutter in hearts of Instructors and Master Teachers. It is They, the Four […]

  • September Resolute September clings to linen trousers as It anticipates wool cardigansIt prepares us, September does, for the transition from summer into fallIts brilliant blue sky abandons playgrounds and accompanies scholars of all ages to school Its chilled mornings shut down swimming pools and invite brisk hikes, leisure walks, drier runs It reminds us, September […]

  • Peridot Gemstones Peridot & Diamond Pendant Genuine Peridot & Diamond Earrings Peridot August's Gem Your name, Peridot, is derived from the ancient Greek Peridona, “to give richness”, and oh, how rich your attraction, Peridot! It is, it, that signature green colour, that names you “gem of the sun” by the ancient Egyptians The Greeks of […]

  • August In Venerable company the eighth month on the lineup of siblings Fifth honoured with a life span of thirty-one daysAuspicious presence in midsummer Sky Scape brilliant, clean, blueWhite heat at midDayIndigo sky cradles myriad stars at mid Night August, Celebrated month, hurries to make hot weather memories In betweenthunderous storms and shortening days Exalted […]

  • Ruby

    July made special with Ruby Ruby & Diamond Eternity Ring Round Ruby Earrings Ruby July's Gem Colour, it’s all about colour Red Have you seen it: The purest red with a hint of blue? That red as seen in glowing coal or in the red of a traffic light Or, best, in the life river […]

  • July

    July The month of warm rain and brilliant sunshineThe month of hot sand and refreshing watersThe month of brilliant colour and scented airThe month of picnics and boardwalk runsThe month of falling in love and making promisesThe month of public festivals and private celebrationsThe month of countless adventures and lazy afternoonsThe month of long days […]

  • June made special with Pearl White Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Ring Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Pendant Pearl June's Gem Pearl Organic gems Composed of calcium carbonate and conchiolin Created when an oyster covers an irritant with layers of nacre Shaped round to baroque Refractive and lustrously pearly Find me in the Persian Gulf, […]

  • Gregorian calendar marks centreJuneWelcome Pivotal monthGrasses perk upTrees cover fully their branchesFlowers enhance their colourAir scents itself fragrant Avian creatures with Cacophonous FanfareAnnounceJuneShe is hereShe is returned Magic monthWelcome

  • May May is the month of happy smiles and spontaneous laughter. May is the month of springy steps, green leaves and pretty flowers. May is the month of mating and the month of promise May is the month of Mothers May is Beauty May is Youth May is Innocence May is the month of energy […]

  • Emerald Bracelet Segment

    May made special with Emerald Emerald & Diamond Accented Ring Emerald and Other Stone Bracelets Emerald May's Gem Sparkling Vibrant Delicate Valuable Precious Intense I travel to Brazil but I shall make a stop in Zambia. The journey to find the finest of the finest the intensely intense of the colour intensity will I find […]

  • Passion Week Triumphant and Lauded Jerusalem at His feet Olive branches Songs of Praise Shouts of joy Thus begins Holy Week for Christians and Believers The preparatory time The reflective time The prayer time It is Faith It is Hope It is Charity It is Death and It is Resurrection Amen Hallelujah

  • Compassion Be Kind Be Thoughtful Listen with your heart. Be Caring Be Considerate Help with generosity of spirit Be Understanding Comfort