The Way at Howard Studios

At Howard Studios we want you to have more than a pleasant shopping experience.  We want to do everything possible to find your perfect piece. Although, we only have an 'online' presence, we want you to take your time and have the opportunity to shop, ask questions, and deal with the real people, as you would if you walking to our studio.  For these reasons we have evolved a process where you can learn more about us and we can learn more about you.  Our goal is to build trust and ensure we both have the correct information to make the experience perfect.

You are under no obligation to buy during the process until you do buy, and even then, we give you a 48-hour window to reassure yourself.

We are not a conventional Jewellery Shop, and more like an artist's studio or custom shop.  We have little to no inventory on site, which is to your advantage because we do not push overstocked items, and do not have high overhead costs to add to the price tags.  Instead, you will find a large variety of items, more than the average storefront, and your pieces are made just for you, just as you want it to be.



Explore our Gallery and browse our Showcase of Fine Jewellery for inspiration. Once you are ready to start, schedule a complimentary meeting with one of our consultants.

Within our Showcase, you may find the extra item you are looking for, something similar, or just the stones you may wish to use.  Add them to the shopping cart for a quote, and submit the quote in order to contact us and inform us are ready to start, or just use the "Contact" option located at the top of the page of our Showcase pages. As an alternative, you can also use the 'Contact Us' menu item from our home page.

Meet Your Consultant

Your consultant will contact you to introduce themselves and using their expertise to help you select or design your adored jewellery.

You can meet your consultant at an arranged meeting place within the Greater Toronto Area or meet remotely via phone, messaging technology, or virtual meetings, and other web-based tools.

Together we will share information, learn from each other, inspire each other, and with our consultant's guidance come to a vision of your perfect jewellery piece, all within your determined price range.  Once we have the vision, your consultant will create an estimate for approval before we start the 'Envision' activities.


Select your centre stone or collection of stones.   We have access to thousands of diamonds of all grades and precious gemstones. Review as many diamonds and gemstones as you need to before you decide.  Select the perfect arrangement of carat weight, clarity, cut, and colour to fit your taste. We'll use your selection to determine the specifications of our designs.

Confirm Your Design

Once complete we will share initial design sketches for your approval where sketches are necessary. This is a complimentary service with no obligation.

Where applicable, for a small fee, you can request we create a 3D-computer-generated-model of your piece, or a wax model or silver model.  You will be able to touch, hold and see a wax or silver model before committing to purchase. A silver model has the additional advantage to be durable enough for you or your loved one, to wear and 'test drive' the piece.

Take your time to ask questions, and provide us feedback to perfect your piece.  Once we have agreed on all the details, we are ready to order.


When you are completely happy, we’ll send you a final quote based on the selected stones and completed design.  Due to fluctuating market prices for precious metals and stones the quoting invoice will be valid for a limited number of days.  The limitation range may change without notice due to market volatility, but today is set to 12 days.  In this case, you would have 12 days to confirm and pay the invoice.  If you need more time or have your doubts, you do not have any obligations and may elect to revisit some or all the process.  We are more than willing to provide you with more than one quote until you are ready to proceed with the order.

To begin production, complete your online payment as directed by the invoice. We will not start the work for two days during which you can ask for no questions asked cancellation, giving you a piece of mind and assurance that this is what you want.

We look forward to meeting you, working with you, and earning your business.

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