October Gem


October's Gem


I was asked recently: Are Opals precious?

Later I was asked: Where, where are Opals?

And in the in-between time, I was asked: Are Opals worth much?

I answer: Oh, people, I know well that the Latin word for Opal is Opalus meaning precious stone.

Oh, and I also know that Opal has been found on Mars! Yes. Truth!

On our planet, it is in Australia that most Opal is found. It is Opal, that country's national Gemstone.

Oh, the Black Opal, mesmerizing beauty that shows every colour of the rainbow at changing light. Extravagant, understated luxury rivals the flawless diamond in monetary value. Oh, yes, people, Black Opals are worth much!

The question most asked: Why? Why is Opal the traditional Gemstone for the month of October?

I answer: Famous are Opals for their"play of colours". Oh, yes the stones flash the colours of yellows and reds against the pearly whites. See the changing colours of the leaves in autumnal season during the month of October.

Oh, yes the spectacular black Opal that sometimes flashes green, blue and red is reminiscent of the contrast created against a dramatic indigo sky and the tree canopies festooned in the warm colours of the colour spectrum. Famously, the most valuable Opal pattern is the "Harlequin", large angular patches of red, yellow and green resembling the checks on a clown's costume.

Oh, yes, I answer the Opal is the best choice for the October Gemstone. 

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The October moon is brighter The sun
Less so
Transition month Prepares for winter's cold within the cozy hearth
Come, it whispers, Step into the pinks of morning sun and the reds of evening light
Touch the wet browns of the meadow grass
Listen to the sound of the ochre and the umber of the leaf as it lands
Taste the reds in the harvest
See the blacks in the wings of the migrant bird
Smell the purples in the wine

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September Gem


September's Gem

Be aware that the sapphire is rich in colour, regal in personality, refractive in its facets, brilliant in its attraction

Be aware that the sapphire is a member of the big four gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires

Be aware that the sapphire is all blues, inky blue, light blue, barely there blue, cornflower blue

Oh, that cornflower blue, clean and intense, and oh, that cornflower blue with a very understated hint of violet is the best and most valuable of the blues.

Be aware
Be tempted
Possess it.


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Four Butterflies

Four Butterflies

Take an ordinary Tuesday, place it in September, make it follow the Labour Day Monday and suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Today, the Four Butterflies: Eagerness, Anxiety, Novelty and Excitement, debut in both seasoned and novice Scholars.

They, the Four Butterflies, flutter in hearts of Instructors and Master Teachers.

It is They, the Four Butterflies, that make this Tuesday extraordinary.

Remember Scholars, One and All, to embrace the Four Butterflies, engage in the dance: spiral, soar, dip, twirl, spread wide your own wings ... be ... extraordinary!

Happy New Academic Year Everyone

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Resolute September clings to linen trousers as It anticipates wool cardigans
It prepares us, September does, for the transition from summer into fall
Its brilliant blue sky abandons playgrounds and accompanies scholars of all ages to school
Its chilled mornings shut down swimming pools and invite brisk hikes, leisure walks, drier runs

It reminds us, September does, to make a big deal out of the last of summer
Rise with the sun
Linger in the twilight
Await the dark and the dots of stars
Salute the moonrise

It suggests, September does, to bid summer a fond

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