Golden Roses

Our Mother's Day Special Suggestions

Say It with Flowers

Mother’s Day has long been synonymous with flowers, but why? You have heard said, "April showers bring May flowers." Mother's Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the love we feel every day of the year from our mothers. Perhaps in the past years, you may have felt embarrassment that the expensive bouquet of roses delivered to your mother was not fresh. The flowers faded too soon. Your mother, nevertheless, appreciated the gesture because she practices what she preaches. It's the thought that counts. You, on the other hand, are not willing to take that chance. This year you want the gift to be fade-proof and long lasting and your preference is still flowers.

Trust Howard Studios to deliver that thought in a poetic and lasting way. 

We suggest a variation on the tradition of giving fresh flowers. This year, on Sunday, May 14th, surprise your mother with one or more, beautiful, everlasting Lacquered Roses. Adorned with gold, rose gold, or platinum trim, these elegant and beautiful flower keepsakes always stay open and as fresh as the day they are given.

Order before Mother's Day and your order will be delivered Free to any destination in Canada.

When you purchase items from our Showcase over $250, we will ship to you Free within Canada!

The Rock Ring

The Rock Ring

The Rock Ring

The Rock Ring is one of our most popular types of a ring made for men or women. Each ring is unique. Our Rock Ring is made of reticulated sterling silver, making it impossible to duplicate the exact pattern shown on each ring.

The Rock Ring, Reticulated Sterling Silver

Reticulated Sterling Silver

Our reticulation process involves heating the metal into a near molten state and allowing the metal to slowly cool to allow patterns to emerge. The process evokes the creation of rock formations formed by molten magma. The process, along with the organic appearance of the ring, prompted us to name it ‘The Rock Ring’. Once each ring is forged in the fires of Howard Studios, the silver is given a dark patina and then a polish to build its eye-catching contrast.

The Rock Ring

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