June Pearl of a Month

June made special with Pearl

White Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Ring

Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Pendant


June's Gem

Pearl Organic gems
Composed of calcium carbonate and conchiolin
Created when an oyster covers an irritant with layers of nacre
Shaped round to baroque
Refractive and lustrously pearly
Find me in the Persian Gulf, India, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, China, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela
But, oh, if you want me cultured as the near-white Akoya ... from Japan I must arrive
Colour me white to yellow to brown
Select me, you Sophisticates, in grey to black Tahitian-black. Call my name, Tahitian black and They shall covet your unique style.
Accent the little black dress or the dandy's elegant satin cravat with a dash of yellow to pink to purple-pink and the coveted first impression is won
On your wedding day parade me lavender or blue-green Orient - that soft iridescent sheen caused by the refraction of light by the layers of nacre and my lustre will be sure to draw admiring eyes
I am Pearl
I endure changes of fashion
I adapt
I remain constantly admired

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Emerald Bracelet Segment

May Gem

May made special with Emerald

Emerald & Diamond Accented Ring

Emerald and Other Stone Bracelets


May's Gem

I travel to Brazil but I shall make a stop in Zambia.
The journey to find the finest of the finest the intensely intense of the colour intensity will I find in Colombia.
Perchance Australia, India or Pakistan may hold the one stone to quench my passion for the bewitching gem.
Russia beckons.
South Africa rivals the closer to home United States for a place on the jeweller's bench as she conjures the dream and designs for the stone ... I am wearable art ...
It whispers

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