Howard Studios is back!

Howard Studios

Yes, we are back with a brand new website and more quality products.

Our new Showcase of products is accessible and complete.

We have started to distribute our artisan jewellery through Etsy.

We customise, modify and design unique special somethings to your specification, such as that special engagement ring or the personal cufflinks you decided to gift to your Loved One on his birthday.

Browse our Gallery to discover the types of creations and custom work that can be made for you.

Visit our Showcase to shop the extensive collection of fine jewellery.

Purchase our unique pieces at Etsy  from our handmade Artisan Collection.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Howard Studios

  1. Jennifer Richardson says:

    wowww!!! beautiful pieces. Rings of circles is a class of it own it says elegance and worth, The family ring is a true piece its exactly worth a piece to pass onto the next generation. the Chainmaille is so cool for a lovely evening out and wearing some beautiful pieces makes you feel special. The Azure embrace speaks to a beautiful young woman that is up and coming and are becoming successful in her own way and loving herself. The grand princess is a true class, you truly feel like a princess wearing that piece. Every piece speaks something different with true meaning and power for every occasion.
    I love every single piece of your work, it speaks something special to me.

    1. Jennifer Richardson says:

      Awesome work! magnificent pieces

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