October Gem


October's Gem


I was asked recently: Are Opals precious?

Later I was asked: Where, where are Opals?

And in the in-between time, I was asked: Are Opals worth much?

I answer: Oh, people, I know well that the Latin word for Opal is Opalus meaning precious stone.

Oh, and I also know that Opal has been found on Mars! Yes. Truth!

On our planet, it is in Australia that most Opal is found. It is Opal, that country's national Gemstone.

Oh, the Black Opal, mesmerizing beauty that shows every colour of the rainbow at changing light. Extravagant, understated luxury rivals the flawless diamond in monetary value. Oh, yes, people, Black Opals are worth much!

The question most asked: Why? Why is Opal the traditional Gemstone for the month of October?

I answer: Famous are Opals for their"play of colours". Oh, yes the stones flash the colours of yellows and reds against the pearly whites. See the changing colours of the leaves in autumnal season during the month of October.

Oh, yes the spectacular black Opal that sometimes flashes green, blue and red is reminiscent of the contrast created against a dramatic indigo sky and the tree canopies festooned in the warm colours of the colour spectrum. Famously, the most valuable Opal pattern is the "Harlequin", large angular patches of red, yellow and green resembling the checks on a clown's costume.

Oh, yes, I answer the Opal is the best choice for the October Gemstone. 

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September Gem


September's Gem

Be aware that the sapphire is rich in colour, regal in personality, refractive in its facets, brilliant in its attraction

Be aware that the sapphire is a member of the big four gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires

Be aware that the sapphire is all blues, inky blue, light blue, barely there blue, cornflower blue

Oh, that cornflower blue, clean and intense, and oh, that cornflower blue with a very understated hint of violet is the best and most valuable of the blues.

Be aware
Be tempted
Possess it.


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August Gem


August's Gem

Your name, Peridot, is derived from the ancient Greek Peridona, "to give richness", and oh, how rich your attraction, Peridot!

It is, it, that signature green colour, that names you "gem of the sun" by the ancient Egyptians

The Greeks of Old know you by your other title, chrysolite and name you "Goldstone"

Peridot, you are Cleopatra's favourite gem for she believed in your ability to instill power and influence

Peridot gem, you are a thing of Beauty. Your visual allure captivates, pleases and holds

Peridot gem, you are a testament to Durability, set it en cabochon you withstand the test of time.

Peridot gem, your Rarity of colour is the strongest indicator of value.



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Ruby Red July


July's Gem

Colour, it's all about colour
Have you seen it: The purest red with a hint of blue?
That red as seen in glowing coal or in the red of a traffic light
Or, best, in the life river flowing within our very own bodies
See it also in the metaphorical passions
The colour of desires, yearnings, longings and deep sighs
Find it, this colour, this passion, in good rubies.
Thailand, India, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam
all are portents as is North Carolina
Find it, the best red
Call it by name: Burmese pigeon's blood
For it is they, the Burmese rubies,
most sought after
most treasured
most expensive
all rubies
Colour, it's all about the colour
Ruby Red

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